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Industry Jobs

Host In Ireland are proud to promote the current job availability in the data centre industry.  We have profiled the most up to date positions available across a wide range of partners. 

Industry News 

The Dublin Metro Area is Europe's largest data centre market. With 60 years experience supporting the ICT industry, Ireland today is a development centre of excellence for data hosting. Our partners are an integral part of the data centre ecosystem, working across various sectors designing, building and operating data centres globally from Ireland. Here we aim to gather the most timely and relevant industry news including our quarterly Irish market update report.

Industry Events 

Host In Ireland participate in a number of events both industry-wide and events that we host ourselves both publicly and internally for our partners. To find out more visit our events page by clicking the link below, 


Host In Ireland is an award-winning strategic global initiative created to increase awareness of the benefits of
hosting digital assets in Ireland as well as highlighting Irish companies that are designing, building, and operating data
centres globally.


Ireland is home to Europe's largest data centre cluster, ahead of the traditional markets of London, Frankfurt, Paris and Amsterdam. As a result, the industry has grown in expertise and reputation and Ireland is a recognised global leader in data hosting and services.  


Host in Ireland is dedicated to providing timely and accurate information on the hosting industry in Ireland. We issue quarterly market updates, participate in global industry events and create unique networking opportunities for industry players. 

Host in Ireland 

Host in Ireland is an industry-led initiative specifically developed to generate awareness and recognition of Ireland’s benefits as an optimum location to host digital assets.  By providing timely and accurate information regarding Ireland’s hosting landscape with the help of partner companies, Host in Ireland is redefining industry perceptions. Using a blend of the 6Ps - Policy, Pedigree, People, Proximity, Power and Pipes- Host in Ireland is demonstrating and showcasing Ireland’s cost-effective, efficient, reliable, secure and accessible infrastructure as compared to other data centre markets throughout Europe.


    Ireland applies a pragmatic, pro-business approach to policy issues including data protection and IP with a competitive corporate tax structure.


    Ireland's readily available workforce is highly educated, experienced, tech-savvy, multifaceted and multilingual with 40% of the population under the age of 30.


    Ireland is the European "home" for over 1,000 global companies including more than 750 U.S.-based organizations.


    Proximity is a word often used now in the datacentre arena. Datacentres creating a cluster, and being close in proximity to each other is a key component of what we're seeing as a sustainable differentiator in Dublin.


    Situated on the axis between the American and European continents, Ireland has a superior strategic global position to provide secure and resilient low-latency global connectivity.


    Ireland is investing significantly in its renewable energy resources, making strides towards a future of cleaner and more affordable power options and commitment to 70% of energy from renewables by 2030.


Here at Cornwall Insight, our work is all about guiding those companies that consume, produce, transmit or legislate around energy. Specifically, we work in electricity and deregulated water markets, to help progress the net zero agenda. Given the scale of the impact that the datacentre sector has on these markets, we see that being part of Host in Ireland and collaborating around areas of best practise as an important part of our efforts in the Irish market. We passionately believe that given the right set of policies and stakeholder engagement, Datacentres can help Ireland to get to our 2030 and 2050 net zero targets faster, than is currently projected.

Peter Connolly

Managing Director (Ireland & Scotland)

Host in Ireland Partners  

The spirit of “co-opetition” is at the heart of Host in Ireland. Although many of our partners are competitors, they have come together in creative collaboration to provide the expertise and infrastructure enabling Ireland’s thriving digital economy. Our Irish partners are seen as industry leaders, exporting products and services all over the world.

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