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Barstool Chats Series 7

Join Garry Connolly as he travels virtually around the world, chatting with representatives of Host in Ireland's partner companies. Popping into their favourite pub, Garry gets to know the people and personalities behind the scenes of the data centre ecosystem in Ireland and beyond.

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Emma Fryer - CyrusOne
17th April 2024

Tom de Vooght-Johnson - Modulise
9th April 2024

Cian O'Reilly - GagaMuller Group
3rd April 2024

Colm Fagan - Vantage Data Centers
27th March 2024

Matthew Wise - RoviSys
20th March 2024

Lisa Duignan - Turner & Townsend
1th March 2024

Niall  Collins - Commscope
6th March 2024

Tom O'Farrell - CAI
21st February 2024

Barstool Chats Series 6

David Bradley - Legrand
20th December 2023

Shana Singh - Ethos Engineering
13th December 2023

Dame Dawn Childs - Pure Data Centres Group
7th December 2023

Alex Brew - Vertiv
29th November 2023

Niamh Dundon - Digital Realty
23rd November 2023

Ciaran Flanagan - Siemens
1st November 2023

David Sterlace - Hitachi Energy
25th October 2023

Philippe Huinck - Onnec
18th October 2023

Joe Farinella - Enel X
11th October 2023

Barstool Chats Series 5

Garry Connolly - Host In Ireland
11th July 2023

Dr. Antonio Coccia - Riello UPS
4th July 2023

Wesley Smith - Pure DC
27th June 2023

Dr. Antonio Coccia - Riello UPS
20th June 2023

Peter Lonergan - Ardmac
13th May 2023

Mark Yeeles - Schneider Electric
6th June 2023

Peter Lantry - Equinix
30th May 2023

Marc Leddy - Exyte
23rd May 2023

Jason Shields - Sharp Group
16th May 2023

Dermot Brady - Structure Tone
9th May 2023

Lucy Plant - Enel X
2nd May 2023

John Nolan - Automatic Fire &
Integrated Solutions

25th April 2023

Bruce Baxter - Jacobs
18th April 2023

Ailish McDonnell - Yondr
11th April 2023

Ruth Young - Cornwall Insight
4th April 2023

Leo Craig - Riello UPS
28th March 2023

Kevin Flynn - Flynn
28th February 2023

Niall Durham - Captured Carbon
21st February 2023

Joe Corey - Teckel
14th February 2023

Shane Clarke - Securitas Technlology
21st March 2023

Greg Collinson - Hitachi Energy
14th March 2023

Mark Cullen - Sensori Facilities Management
7th March 2023

Barstool Chats Series 4

Niall Clarke - CAI
12th December 2022 

Ismay Crowley - Suir Engineering
7th December 2022 

Beverley Westhead -  AECOM
30th November 2022

Sharon Cronin - Schneider Electric
28th November 2022 

Aiden Cawley - Siemens
23rd November 2022

Robert Walsh - RWL Advanced Solutions
21th November 2022

Amy O'Reilly - Convergint Technologies 
17th November 2022 

Kevin Brown - Schneider Electric
14th July 2022

Barstool Chats Series 3

Pat Cregan - Kohler
5th May 2022 

Philip Cruise - Sisk
28th April 2022 

Eanna O'Conbui - Silent-Aire
20th April 2022 

Sean Kirby - RWL Advanced Solutions
25th March 2022 

David Bourke - EDPAC International
10th March 2022 

Sara Devit- Aecom
3rd March 2022 

Thomas Gillen - GagaMuller Group
24th February 2022 

Ivan Nolan - Sharp Group Fire and Security Services
22nd February 2022 

Killian O'Neill - Callaghan|RED
15th February 2022 

Alma Sottile - Rebelleon
7th February 2022 

Barstool Chats Series 2

Tom Kingham
29 November 2021 

Alana Wilksch, CBRE
25th November 2021 

Roy Millar Ardmac
18th November 2021 

Richard Hemming, Structuretone
7th November 2021 

Laura Reed, Jacobs
26th October 2021 

Tom Gorman, Interxion
13th October 2021 

Phil Kane, Eaton
5th October 2021 

Tony Jacob, Digital Realty
30th September 2021 

David Higgins, AECOM
16th September 2021 

Marie McGinley, Eversheds Sutherland
9th September 2021 

Shane Mc Mahon, Kingspan Tate
2nd September 2021 

Peter Connolly, Cornwall Insight
26th August 2021 

Peter Jones, Yondr
19th August 2021 

Maurice Mortell, Equinix
12th August 2021 

Stephen Byrne, Mercury
5th August 2021 

Ciaran Forde, Eaton
29th July 2021 

Greg Hayden, Ethos Engineering
21st July 2021

Stephen Soraghan, Edge Automation
14th July 2021 

Paul Kirwan, GCS
7th July 2021 

Joan Mulvihill, Siemens 
30th June 2021 

Chris Collins, Schneider Electric 
24th June 2021 

Paudi Reidy, LPI International
10th June 2021 

Aidan J Kerins, Kirby, 
3rd June 2021 

Gary Watson, Keppel DC Reit

27th May 2021 

Cathal Quinn, Moy Materials

20th May 2021 

Arthur O'Brien,  C+W O'Brien Architects

6th May  2021

 Alan McCartney,  Anord Mardix

29th April 2021

Russ Barker, Vertiv 

15th April 2021 

Barstool Chats Series 1 

Rich Miller, Data Center Frontier 

23rd July 2020

David Connolly, IWEA 

4th July 2020

Sheila Fitzpatrick, Fitzpatrick & Associates

26th June 2020

Michael Winterson, Equinix 

25th June 2020

Buddy Rizer, Loudoun County VA

23rd June 2020

Michelle Wallace, Host in Ireland

7th August 2020

Séamus Dunne,  Interxion

7th October 2020

Marc Garner, from Schneider 

7th August 2020

Jennifer Garner & Mark Varian, Eversheds Sutherland

7th August 2020

Anthony Mc Dermott,  Mitchell | McDermott

3rd June 2020

Gavan Plunkett, Siemens Data Center Solutions 

26th May 2020

Kimberly Littlefield & Niall Durham,  Enel X

21st May 2020

John Cleary, Digital Realty

20th May 2020

Matt Porter, Kedington

15th May 2020

Eoin Lambkin, Circular Data Solutions

15th May 2020

Mark Foley, EirGrid

12th May 2020

Darren Territt, Starline 

8th May 2020

Maurice Mortell, Equinix

8th May 2020

Jason Monks, StructureTone 

7th May 2020

Shane McMahon, Tate

7th May 2020

Greg Hayden, Ethos Engineering

7th May 2020

Adrian Hayes, Commscope

6th May 2020

Matthew Pullen, CyrusOne 

5th May 2020

Wayne Moody, Rittal

30th April 2020

David Phelan, Suir Engineering

27th April 2020

Emma Fryer, techUK, Stijn Grove, Dutch Data Center Association

22nd April 2020

Cathal Quinn, Moy Materials

21st April 2020

Peter Jones, Yondr Group

20th April 2020

Ciaran Forde, Eaton

15nd April 2020

Marie McGinley, Eversheds Sutherland

14th April 2020

Terry Gillick, Bureau Veritas

9th April 2020

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