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Data Driven - the Global Success of the I.R.I.S.H. Digital Ecosystem

Ireland has had a 60+ year relationship with data. Irish companies have been learning, investing and delivering on the requirements of tech companies for decades. Whether it is delivering large scale fulfillment factories for IBM or microchip fabs for Intel or multi-function campuses for the likes of Microsoft, Irish companies have helped Ireland evolve as a leading data hosting nation and a supplier of skills and services needed for data’s global expansion. All of this is happening from the Irish digital infrastructure ecosystem to the tune of more than €2 billion of services from Ireland to the global digital infrastructure industry.

In the webinar “Data Driven - the Global Success of the I.R.I.S.H. Digital Ecosystem” we learned how and why digital infrastructure coming from Ireland – with global and Irish companies – plays a unique role around the world. The expert panelists defined what I.R.I.S.H. means and the common traits to companies both in and from Ireland. They also look ahead at the data centre opportunity at the heart of global digital infrastructure and what might come next.

The webinar was moderated by Joyce Wady, Head of Communications for Host in Ireland. Our guests include:

Shane McMahon - General Manager, Tate Inc.
Pete Jones - Chief Development Officer, Yondr
Paddy Ryan - CEO, GagaMuller

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Webinar Details and Speakers

'Data Driven - the Global Success of the I.R.I.S.H. Digital Ecosystem'

Our host Joyce Wady moderated a panel of guests including Shane McMahon - General Manager, Tate Inc.Pete Jones - Chief Development Officer, Yondr, and Paddy Ryan - CEO, GagaMuller.

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Joyce Wady


Head of Communications

Host In Ireland 

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Shane McMahon


General Manager - Tate Inc.

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Pete Jones


Chief Development Officer - Yondr

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Paddy Ryan


CEO - GagaMuller


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Data is at the centre of everything we do, from delivering critical services to the frontline, to helping people work from almost anywhere. 
All of this is made possible because of the data centre sector, one of the world’s fastest growing industries. 

At Host in Ireland, our partners have a wide range of jobs available in the data centre industry from engineers to project managers, electricians to technicians.  




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