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Q: What is Host in Ireland?

A: Host in Ireland is a partner focused platform to raise their profile collectively and gain access to professional networks, stages, policymakers and audiences, that would otherwise be difficult or cost-prohibitive individually.

It is a leading global initiative aimed at highlighting the benefits of hosting digital assets in Ireland and also raising awareness of Irish companies that are designing, building, maintaining and operating data centres globally.

Host in Ireland’s strategic message is delivered through the “6 Ps”: Policy, People, Pedigree, Pipes, Power and Proximity.

Q: Why is Ireland an optimum location for hosting digital assets?

A: Ireland has been home to U.S. digital assets for over five decades from the arrival of IBM in the 1960’s to Microsoft in the 80’s up to now with public/private and hybrid cloud providers.
In 1990 Ireland was announced the largest exporter of software in the world. As floppy turned to fibre it is no coincidence that 20 years later Dublin Metro Area was announced the largest data centre market in Europe.
By focusing on six core values dubbed the “6 Ps”: Policy, People, Pedigree, Pipes, Power and Proximity, Ireland is able to provide U.S. and global companies access to a portfolio of solutions and benefits including affordable power of renewable energy; ample connectivity to Europe and the U.S; redundant networks; big bandwidth capacity; a mature, data center market consisting of leading brands from Ireland, U.S., UK and Europe; fiscal benefits; a talented workforce; and an attractive business management structure implemented by Ireland, which has been pro-business and home to U.S. companies for decades.

Q: Who is behind Host in Ireland?

A: Founded in 2013 and led by Garry Connolly, Host in Ireland partners include: CBRE, CommScope, Digital Realty, EdgeConneX, Equinix, Ethos Engineering, Interxion, Keppel Data Centres, Kirby Engineering, Mercury Engineering, Primary Integration Solutions, Schneider Electric, Siemens and Tate. These companies and a number of leading legal, data protection and IP practitioners are enabling Ireland to be readily accessible for digital asset hosting. Host in Ireland unites these companies through a unified initiative to make sure that Ireland is considered for all global digital asset hosting opportunities. Such collaboration illustrates the strategic advantage of why Ireland is important and how it can play an integral part in business growth for U.S. companies looking for a stable, well-established and pro-business European country. Ireland is already home to content delivery, financial, healthcare and professional services sectors to take advantage of all the benefits Ireland has to offer.

Q: What geographic regions does Host in Ireland serve and why?

A: With a wide array of U.S.-based companies relying on Ireland to host their digital assets for over 50 years, a strong relationship presently exists between the two countries. What this initiative aims to achieve is further awareness of the incredible benefits Ireland has to offer U.S. and global companies seeking to expand their footprint and access and store their digital assets more securely and reliably into the EMEA region. As a world-class location, Ireland is already considered Europe’s main hub for U.S. companies – Host in Ireland’s mission is to spread that message even further. With this strong foundational credibility among large U.S. companies, Ireland is opening up opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses to extend their digital assets and content presence into the EMEA region.

Q: How can organisations and companies get involved in Host in Ireland?

A: Whether you are interested in joining the growing list of Host in Ireland supporting companies or seeking information on how your digital assets can be hosted, managed, monitored and accessed through companies associated with Host in Ireland, you can gather more information by visiting, emailing and following us on Twitter and LinkedIn to receive periodic updates. To get our quarterly report direct to your inbox - sign up here.

Q: How do I become a partner with Host In Ireland?

A: Host in Ireland opens membership runs from January 1st to December 31st. We open to new members once per year (approx October/November of the previous year). Places are strictly limited and we cannot facilitate all applications. To join the waiting list, email 

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