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Register your DCs for Bees Orchard and send us your photos to be in with a chance to win one of 2 x €100 One for All Vouchers

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Register your DCs for Bees Orchard and send us your photos to be in with a chance to win one of 2 x €100 One for All Vouchers

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DCs for Bees

'Orchards In The Community'

Orchards In The Community is part of the DCs for Bees initiative.  Orchards play a key role in providing an early food source for our struggling bees as they emerge from winter.  To help protect the bees and increase pollination, we are planting in excess of 2,000 mixed fruit orchards all over Ireland. 

Girls Picking Apples

'We want to better coexist with biodiversity and help return food and shelter for pollinators to our island.'

All Ireland Pollinator Plan 2021-2025

The Orchard Bundle

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Victoria Plum
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Conference Pear
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Discovery Apple
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Katy Apple
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Boskoop Apple

DCs for Bees Orchards & Resources

Our Aim

Encourage Biodiversity

Orchards are important habitats. This is because they make ideal homes for thousands of species of flora and fauna, including lichens, fungi and beetles.


Protect & Feed Pollinators

Fruit trees blossom early in the year, providing an important food source for our pollinators at the end of winter.

The deliberate spacing between trees also lets more sunlight in, which is welcome for flying insects, like butterflies and bees, who need warmth to power their flight muscles.

Community Awareness & Action

We will provide a means for organisation & community purpose based activity which will foster an appreciation of, and awareness for, protecting and encouraging biodiverse habitats in our local areas.

orchards in the community dcs for bees

The Role of Orchards

Orchards have played an important role in communities for many centuries, providing a focal point, a gathering space, and a place where people and nature successfully work together to create abundant harvests.

Orchards provide vital green spaces in our cities and towns, where people are encouraged to interact with nature either through becoming custodians of the trees or by simply being around them and enjoying their shade, beauty and fruit.

How to apply for a Free DCs for Bees Community Orchard

All Community Pot Orchards for the past dormant season have now been allocated.


The project will run  again in 2022/23 dormant season, if  you would  like to register your interest, please email orchards@hostinireland.com, marking your email Orchards 2022


Measuring Success

Working in collaboration with the National Biodiversity Data Centre, this project will enable Ireland for the first time to track concurrent pollination success. Something that is only made possible by planting the same orchards in multiple locations in the one growing season (Nov 2021 - March 2022) and (Nov 2022-March 2023(.

If you have received an orchard, please register them by clicking HERE

orchards in the community dcs for bees

Print Materials

Orchard Information 


Pollinator Plan

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Sign For Planted Area

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Planting Instructions 

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Sign For Planted Area

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Colouring Sheet

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