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Bees are critically endangered.  They are a key contributor to the pollination of our crops, but sadly, 33% of Irish bees are facing extinction.  They are an indicator for biodiversity in general and once a species is extinct this cannot be reversed and the balance of nature is affected forever. 



Dcs For Bees is an industry initiative led by Host in Ireland to help save Ireland's declining bee population. This sub initiative aims to bring an industry together in a way that has never been done before. 


The people of this industry are looking to make a difference. This initiative gives them the opportunity to not only make an individual difference but the tools to educate, advocate, create awareness and take action.  Host In Ireland and its data centre industry partners are uniting to make a difference by pledging to deliver on actions to make Ireland more pollinator friendly and ensure the survival of our pollinators for future generations. 

The Problem

Bee pollination contributes to 70% of the world's crops. The success of our species is dependent on theirs.

There are 100 species of bee in Ireland; nearly one-third of Ireland's wild bees are threatened with extinction and common bumblebees continue to show annual declines in abundance.

What's more, bees and butterflies are an indicator of the general health of the 11,400 species of insects who not only impact pollination but also pest control and decomposition that returns vital nutrients to the soil.

The 4 Pillars of DCs for Bees

Image by Dmitry Grigoriev


DCs for Bees Ambassadors are a key part of our DCs for Bees programme. They exist to advocate, create awareness and take action through their organisations, their colleagues, their communities and their family & friends. 

Ambassadors have a genuine interest in biodiversity, the environment and bees and are enthused, to make a real difference.

Pollinator Plan 

The DCs for Bees Pollinator Plan has paved the way for us to unite, to make a difference. It's a blueprint, to help our partners and beyond to take long term action on the decline of bees, and to make a bigger impact. 

Launched in April 2021, it outlines the greatest impact actions that can be taken by companies and contains useful resources. 

Difference Days 

Host In Ireland creates opportunities for our partners to create a lasting and impactful difference to Ireland's biodiversity. 

Our first Difference Day was in 2019 where 100 people from the data centre industry came together alongside the Native Woodland Trust to change apart of our landscape for the better. 2000 trees were planted across two acres. 


With the support of our partners from the Datacentre and Hosting Community we are seeking out “homes” for over 1,250 orchards throughout Ireland as we look to collaborate with local communities, and collectively assist in the reverse of the decline of Ireland’s Pollinators


 Working in collaboration with the Irish National Biodiversity Centre this project will also enable Ireland for the first time to track concurrent pollination success. Something that is only made possible by planting uniform orchards in multiple locations within the one growing season (Nov 2021 - March 2022)

'We Have United To Make A Difference'

Host in Ireland partners like Digital Realty are committed to help support our pollinators by following All Ireland Pollinator Plan and taking part in DCs for Bees Orchards initiative. 

Why Are We Doing This?

As well as helping fight one of the greatest threats not only to bees but to the entire planet there are numerous benefits to coming together as an industry for this initiative:


Snowball effect:
Act as an exemplar for other industries to follow suit and make a real difference

Community with a common purpose:
Bring an industry together in a way that has never been done before 

Reach a far wider audience than the Native Woodland Trust or the National Biodiversity Data Centre could do alone

​​Meaningful Action:
Help businesses to create and supplement a meaningful CSR programme

Go global:
This programme can act as a blueprint for our members' businesses to make an even bigger impact within their global offices

Do the right thing right:
People in the industry want to make a difference but it's not always clear how to go about it in a way that doesn't create unintended consequences. By working with the Native Woodland Trust and the National Biodiversity Data Centre we can do our very best to ensure the actions we take are the right ones and as impactful as possible. 

WHO are our pollinators?

While other insects play a role, most pollination on the island of Ireland is carried out by bees. We have one type (species) of managed honeybee and 99 different wild bees. That includes 20 bumblebees and 77 solitary bees. Unlike honeybees and bumblebees, solitary bees live on their own instead of in a big colony. 

WHAT do our pollinators need to survive?


Just like us, pollinators need food and a place to live. Bees feed on pollen and nectar from flowers and need the right kinds of flowers the whole time they are active, from MARCH all the way through SEPTEMBER. They also need plenty of safe nesting habitats: the long grass, bare earth and crevices in dry stone walls or wood, all of which should be free from pesticides. 

WHY do we need to help our pollinators?


Pollinators are important to our farmers who grow pollinator-dependent crops, to our gardeners who want to grow their own fruits and vegetables and for the health of our environment. The annual value of pollinators is at least €53 million in the Republic of Ireland. Furthermore, 78% of our wild plants require insect pollination. Without pollinators, these plants would disappear, and our countryside would be a less beautiful and colourful place. This would impact tourism and the way we market our food products worldwide.

Key Facts About Our Pollinators


Long term 


Working closely with ecologists from the

National Biodiversity Data Centre,

we have created an industry-specific,  purpose-built programme for our industry to make lasting sustainable changes.


From the smallest partner operating nationally, to a global multi-billion-dollar operator with multiple sites, there will be steps to promote biodiversity to suit every type of partner.

The Latest DCs For Bees Event 

April 1st, 2022
Orchards in the Community Partner Celebration

DCs for Bees Kids Activities 

Download this beautiful colouring page drawn by one of our super creative team. A great way to get the kids involved in DCs For Bees and interested in our little bee friends! 

Bee the Change_Colouring Sheet

Keep Up To Date with DCs for Bees

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