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Bits, Bytes & Banter LIVE

Garry Connolly, Host in Ireland founder, explores the "who, what, and why" from some of the leading thinkers in the digital infrastructure sector. Join us as we uncover real insights from our guests and the brands they represent.

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Ep. 24:Bits, Bytes & Banter LIVE with Michale Winterson, Managing Director at Equinix.

Ep 24: Bits, Bytes & Banter LIVE - with Irish ex-Rugby Star Fergus McFadden

Ep 23: Bits, Bytes & Banter LIVE - Denise Breen

Ep 22: Bits, Bytes & Banter LIVE - Jerry Sweeney

Ep 21: Bits, Bytes & Banter LIVE - Tommy Fitzpatrick

Ep 20: Bits, Bytes & Banter LIVE - Maurice Mortell

Bits, Bytes & Banter Podcast

Join Garry chat with some of the leading innovation thinkers around the world today. 

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