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Irish Data Centre Ecosystem Report
The Digital Infrastructure: An Irish Export Success

Launch Date 29th March 2023

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The Ecosystem Report 2023
Digital Infrastructure: An Irish Export Success

Host in Ireland's Ecosystem Report 2023 is focused on why the Irish ecosystem is in such demand on global projects and the characteristics that make it so transportable.


We are also trying to understand why the talent that comes through or from Ireland is so highly sought after and why that makes it one of the most exportable – and successful – elements of the industry.


Showing the opportunity in hand and why the Irish ecosystem is so exportable and successful, not only gives a glimpse into a future career but also reminds us of all of the exciting opportunities we have as an industry ahead of us.

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Host in Ireland is an industry-led initiative specifically developed to generate awareness and recognition of Ireland’s benefits as an optimum location to host digital assets.  By providing timely and accurate information regarding Ireland’s hosting landscape with the help of partner companies, Host in Ireland is redefining industry perceptions Host in Ireland is a global initiative created to increase awareness for how and why digital infrastructure coming from Ireland - with global and Irish companies - plays a unique role around the world. With more than 50 partners across the digital infrastructure ecosystem, Host in Ireland operates under a spirit of "co-opetition".

Market competitors come together in trust to support actions promoting the capabilities of Ireland as a center of data excellence.

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