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Data Centre Ecosystem Careers

It's talent that has created this centre of excellence and experience in Ireland that is influencing, building, operating, and supplying data centres all over the world.

What Type of Jobs are Available in the Data Centre Ecosystem?

The continuously growing data centre ecosystem is reliant on talent.

Explore the data industry cohorts, their job domains, and the type of job roles available in the industry on the interactive infographic below.


Talent and the Data Centre Industry Growth

At Host in Ireland, we are all about the brilliant people and community in the Data Centre Ecosystem.

As expansion within the industry grows, one challenge that will universally be facing the industry is managing resources.

Attracting, retaining and developing talent is one of the biggest challenges that will be facing a post-covid data centre industry in the coming years.

Data Centre Business Sentiment and Employment Expectations

In our 2022 Business Sentiment Survey, we asked companies in the data centre ecosystem in Ireland for their business outlook for the next 12 months.


We learned that 92% of the companies surveyed expect their employee base to grow in Ireland over the coming year and 82% feel very positive or positive about their business prospects.

Data Centre Business Sentiment and Employment Expectations 2022
Colleagues Working Together

Why Should You Work in the Data Centre Ecosystem?

There are so many different opportunities to build a career in the data centre sector. From the planning phase, the designing phase, and construction to the operations. 

Apart from the front-line roles, there are tons of support roles such as sales, finance procurement, commercial, analytics, and possibly any area you could be interested in would have an opportunity.

Because of its high growth rate, the sector is also very invested in training, travel, flexibility, and career progression.

We have a wide range of jobs on our jobs page. From electricians to administrators, accountants to engineers of all types.

What is it Like to Work in a Data Centre?

Michelle Wallace and Garry Connolly (Host in Ireland) reflect on the 13 talent spotlight live streams with 25 interviewees and talk about the opportunities and evolution of data centre careers.

Jane Xu and David Eames from Yondr tell us about their professional backgrounds in the legal and engineering fields and how they found their space in the critical infrastructure industry. 

Stephen Gorman, head of operations at Convergint, about his twenty-year career path in the security systems sector, its evolution, and the increasing career opportunities in the digital infrastructure industry.

Garry has a chat with Cathal O'Flynn and Aaron Henderson who talk us through the journey that led them to become Programme Manager and Apprentice of the Year nominee at ONNEC.

Schneider Electric engineers Silvia Martini and Robbie Graham talk us through their early career progression, industry stereotypes, women in engineering, and their experience coming from Italy and the UK to join the Schneider Electric team in Ireland.

Garry has a chat with Michal Frackowiak who tells us the ins and outs of his career path that led him to become a Systems Engineer at Enel X in Ireland.

Watch this chat with young talents Liana Karachalia and Tadhg Curran, Junior Planner and Construction Manager at Ardmac and learn more about their career paths in the data centre construction industry.

Garry hosts another talent spotlight chat with Chris Radev, Eoin Dineen, and Diego Duarte, from the engineering team at LPI Group
Find out their different career backgrounds and how they ended up working for the data centre industry in Ireland.

Watch Garry Connolly chat with Sneha Kundu, Technical Sales Specialist at Siemens about her fascinating career path as a woman in the engineering and technology area starting as a graduate at Siemens India.

Garry Connolly, talks with GagaMuller talents Peace Olaniyi, Luke O'Keffee and Cian Boland. Find out more about what they do as project managers and marketing manager in the data centre construction technology industry.

Garry Connolly has a chat with the talented International International Business Development Managers, Kelly Philllips and Marcus Ridge about their career paths and sales experience in the data centre industry with MOY.

Garry Connolly has a chat with RKD's talented Architectural Technologists Mark O'Neill and James Brady. Watch to discover their interesting career paths within the data centre industry.

Garry Connolly, Host in Ireland founder, has a chat with rising stars electricians Nick Stanley and Chris Billane. Discover their journey from career changes, and apprenticeships to becoming electricians at our partner Silent-Aire.

Garry Connolly, our Host in Ireland founder, has a chat with our partner Ethos Engineering rising stars Jason Bowler (BIM Lead) and Sean Byrne (Project Engineer) who talk about what they do in the data centre ecosystem delivering innovative and efficient designs for Clients across the EMEA region.

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