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Equinix is the world’s digital infrastructure company. We interconnect industry-leading organisations in finance, manufacturing, mobility, transportation, government, healthcare and education across a cloud-first world. Globally, Platform Equinix is omprised of 240 data centers across 66 metros and 27 countries on 6 continents, providing data centre and interconnection services to 10,000+ companies including more than 50% of Fortune 500 companies. This unrivalled reach enables our customers to connect to all of the right partners in all the right places. Find out more about our business and our unique culture at


Digital Infrastructure Cohort

Services Provided

- Interconnection Services including Equinix Fabric, Equinix Connect and Equinix Fibre Connect - Equinix Digital Services also include Network Edge and Equinix Metal - Managed Services and our recently launched Equinix Precision Time, Time-as-a-Service - Colocation across Dublin metro and Equinix ́s global footprint

Council Members

Anord Mardix_Alan McCartney_New_edited.jpg

Iain Cran

Senior Director, Commercial Finance

Anord Mardix_Alan McCartney_New_edited.jpg

Marianne Kelly

Field Marketing Manager

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