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Solar Turbines

Solar Turbines started as an aircraft company in 1927. The company grew through several wars and the Great Depression. Solar’s growth led the company to develop a wide range of innovative products. Today Solar is a key player in the 1 to 40 megawatt (MW) segment of the global gas turbine market, making it a world-class energy solutions provider. Building on the accomplishments below, Solar Turbines continues to power the future.

Solar Turbines

Digital Infrastructure Cohort

Services Provided

• Gas Turbine Driven Engineering Solutions for Industries • Gas Turbine Generator Sets • Modular Power Generation Units • Mobile Generator Sets

Council Members

Anord Mardix_Alan McCartney_New_edited.jpg

Toby Boys

Sales Manager Powergeneration

Anord Mardix_Alan McCartney_New_edited.jpg

Benoît Fécamp

Market Develop Manager

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