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LPI Group

In today’s connected world, it’s important now more than ever to protect critical information and data. When it comes to lightning protection for data centres, we ensure that key exposure areas to lightning strikes within these facilities, including power supply lines, the core data centre building and data processing and storage units, are protected against the detrimental damages of lightning strikes. Established in 2011, LPI is one of Europe’s leading professional contracting firms specialising in high-performance lightning protection systems, earthing systems and surge protection devices. Our team of experts deliver industry-leading services to data centres across Europe, including the consultancy, design, supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of our systems.

LPI Group

Digital Infrastructure Cohort

Services Provided

- Design and Consultancy - Construction Installation - Off Site Construction - Digital Construction/ BIM - Asset Management - Maintenance - Critical Electrical Appliances

Council Members

Anord Mardix_Alan McCartney_New_edited.jpg

Paudi Reidy

Group CEO

Anord Mardix_Alan McCartney_New_edited.jpg

Luke Carroll

Marketing Manager

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