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PRESS RELEASE: Host in Ireland Welcomes 54 Partners for 2023

The largest membership in the initiative’s history showcases the growing opportunity and global influence of Ireland’s digital infrastructure ecosystem

DUBLIN, IRELAND - Host in Ireland today announced the largest membership in the initiative’s history with 54 partners joining Host in Ireland for 2023. With ten new partners, including one pro-bono partner, the diversity of companies in the Host in Ireland ecosystem reflects the unique role digital infrastructure coming from Ireland – with global and Irish companies – plays around the world.

Over the years, Host in Ireland’s partners have evolved as the industry has grown and Ireland’s reputation as a centre for data excellence strengthened. Many of the Host in Ireland partners are location agnostic and are building robust businesses from Ireland across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the rest of the world. Host in Ireland is no longer just about what makes Ireland an intrinsic home to digital infrastructure, but is equally focused on why Irish companies are so successful in the global data centre market.

A rich and diverse set of companies are at the heart of Host in Ireland. The breadth and depth of partners are responsible for planning/designing, building, owning/operating and equipping data centre projects around the world. The newest partners include: Automatic Fire & Integrated Services, Captured Carbon, Flynn, Hitachi Energy, Riello UPS, SensoriFM, Solar Turbines, Securitas Technology, Teckel Ltd (pro bono), and Wesco Anixter.

“Digital infrastructure is helping solve the biggest challenges we face as a society. At a time of uncertainty in the broader tech industry, digital infrastructure coming from Ireland remains a bright spot. Our partners are actively hiring and exporting services around the world and the optimism they feel is reflected in the 82% positivity index in our annual business sentiment survey,” said Garry Connolly, founder, Host in Ireland. “The growth and retention of Host in Ireland partners reflects this optimism and demonstrates the value the organisation brings to its partnerships.



Notes to Editor:

About Host in Ireland

Host in Ireland is a global initiative created to increase awareness for how and why digital infrastructure coming from Ireland – with global and Irish companies – plays a unique role around the world. With more than 50 partners across the digital infrastructure ecosystem, Host in Ireland operates under a spirit of “co-opetition”. Market competitors come together in trust to support actions promoting the capabilities of Ireland as a centre of data excellence.

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Joyce Wady

Host in Ireland





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