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MCA Architects

Ireland has become a centre of excellence in data centre hosting and MCA is a solutions-driven architectural practice that has thrived in parallel. With a scope of services ranging from due diligence to master planning, from project management to interior design, we have fostered long term partnerships with Ireland’s global pioneers of cloud computing and developed a unique MCA approach. The MCA specialist data centre team operates in a design ecosystem that fosters creative problem solving in a culture that champions energy & carbon savings, and real estate optimisation.

MCA Architects

Digital Infrastructure Cohort

Services Provided

• Due diligence and Site analysis • Master planning • Interior Design • BIM • PSDP • Project Management • Shell and Core Design • Expertise in Local Authority Requirements • Workplace Strategy • Onsite Quality Control and Monitoring

Council Members

Anord Mardix_Alan McCartney_New_edited.jpg

Brian Murphy


Anord Mardix_Alan McCartney_New_edited.jpg

Neil McCormick


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