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RKD: [White Paper] Data Centres and their role in Ireland's zero carbon transition

This paper by our partner RKD presents an Irish-focused review of data centres, their role in the transition to a zero carbon future, the industry's decarbonisation challenges, and how design and research can help.

Data centres regularly attract attention in the news, and recently they have started attracting attention to global & national energy balance sheets.

But what role do data centres play in the transition to a zero carbon future? What challenges does the data centre industry face to decarbonise? How can design and research help?

These are the questions that a team of researchers from RKD addresses in a new white paper ‘Data Centres and their role in Ireland’s zero carbon transition’ explores how the data centre industry can understand the opportunities presented by connected design thinking to meet the needs of a growing digitalised economy.

Download RKD's Data Centres white paper here.



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