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VIRTUAL EVENT: Resiliency During a Pandemic: Data, Renewable Energy and Job Creation

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

2020 has been a year of change. We've locked down, opened up, physically distanced and zoomed our way through it. While we've fundamentally changed how we work, technology has been adopted at rates previously unimagined and data processing and storage has exploded.

On September 8th, we are bringing together industry leaders in digitisation, data, energy & talent over two webinars to discuss how the data centre and the ecosystem of products and services it creates has been affected by these changes.

We will discuss:

  • Why data centres exist and the real effect on our lives and economy?

  • What it means for the future, in terms of jobs, energy and the wider industry.

  • How has the data and hosting industry fared through the pandemic?

  • In an industry mythicised as having low employment, what is the job outlook for the industry?

There are two webinars. To book a seat (limited availability, first come first served) click on the link below and register:


1) Green Data Factories and New Economic Opportunities

1) Green Data Factories and New Economic Opportunities

While manufacturing has declined in Ireland over the last 30 years, one type of factory is growing and changing how we live, work and play. Data centres are the digital factories of today, with a long history in Ireland, but few understand their importance and impact on our economy, environment and our lives.

In this webinar, we will build the story of data. We’ll look at the 10 years of data centre growth and the global carbon overhead associated with the 7.5 times growth in compute power and 12.5 times growth in traffic. We’ll delve below the bits and the bytes, the cables and connections, and reveal the true value and nature of the industry.

Filled with interesting facts and observations from industry commentators George Kamiya and Garry Connolly and moderated by Carol Tallon.

Garry Connolly George Kamiya Carol Tallon Founder & President Emerging Technologies Analyst CEO Host in Ireland International Energy Agency Property District


2) Bucking the Trend: Job Creation During a Pandemic

In this webinar, we will examine the myth that data centres don’t create many jobs. Ireland is now home to the largest cluster of data centres in Europe. What does that mean for Irish jobs?

With Hannah Ormandroyd and Adie McGennis, moderated by Michelle Wallace, we will look at the job outlook for the data ecosystem in Ireland. What is the true impact of the industry on jobs as well as:

  • What are the key skills required and transferable skills?

  • How are companies supposed to attract and find the right talent?

  • What are candidates looking for?

  • What has changed since the pandemic - for employers and employees?

  • How can you attract and retain the best talent when competing against the biggest names in the world?

Hannah Ormondroyd Adie McGennis Michelle Wallace Head of People, Data Center Solutions CEO Head of Operations CBRE Sigmar Recruitment Host in Ireland

*To register for both webinars, click on either link and click on the tick box to register for the second webinar. 

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