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Event Replay: Empowering Change: The Challenges and Opportunities for Ireland's Decarbonised Grid

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

Live Event Replay: On Wednesday, 1 December, Host in Ireland’s hosted a live event, “Empowering Change: The Challenges and Opportunities for Ireland's Decarbonised Electrical Grid".

Two of the five “megatrends” that will shape our world over the course of this century are digitalisation and decarbonisation. The place these trends intersect is none other than a data centre. In our live webinar on December 1 “Empowering Change - The Challenges and Opportunities for Ireland's Decarbonised Electrical Grid” we explored the interconnected relationship between data, electricity and climate objectives.

The panellists looked at how Ireland can leverage its experience as a centre of data excellence, become a world leader in decarbonising data and meet 2030 climate targets. Electricity and renewable energy experts shared how Ireland’s grid would need to be modernised over the coming decade. Finally, we explored data as an economic driver and how it’s dependency on Ireland’s aging electrical infrastructure creates both opportunities and challenges for a modern society.

Our panel discussion was moderated by Garry Connolly, Founder of Host in Ireland, and our guests included:

Mark Foley - CEO of Eirgrid

Noel Cunniffe - CEO Wind Energy Ireland

Brian Ó Gallachóir - Professor of Energy Engineering, University College Cork & Director of SFI MaREI Centre

The live audience participated with a plentiful number of questions and the speaker panel did their best in trying to answer as many as possible. According to the attendee feedback we received, the event was informative, fact based, very topical and the knowledge and openness of the key leaders was highly valued. We hope you will enjoy the replay of it as much as our audience enjoyed the live version of this webinar!


Garry Connolly

Founder - Host In Ireland




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