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Host in Ireland Welcomes 52 Partners for 2022

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

Expansion reflects the continued importance of Irish companies in the global data centre ecosystem and ever growing digital economy

DUBLIN, IRELAND - Host in Ireland today announced 52 partners for 2022, a 30% increase over the previous year and the largest membership in the initiative’s history. There are 15 new partners, including two pro bono partners. For the seventh year in a row, Host in Ireland has retained more than 95% of returning members, demonstrating the value the organisation brings to its partnerships.

Host in Ireland’s partnership expansion reflects the growth of influence of Irish companies in the global data centre market. Forty percent of Host in Ireland partners are Irish companies exporting services to Europe, Middle East and Africa. Partners today are looking outside Ireland to fuel expansion, while creating high value jobs in the digital economy at home in Ireland. Of the Host in Ireland partners responsible for the designing, planning and project management of data centre builds, 65% are Irish companies growing across global markets.

Since its founding in 2014, Host in Ireland has evolved as the industry has grown and Ireland’s reputation as a centre for data excellence strengthened. What started as five data centre operators, now reflects the broader depth and breadth of the entire Irish data centre ecosystem. The ecosystem represents companies who Build, Design, Operate, Service and Supply the data centre industry.

The new Host in Ireland partners come from all segments of the data centre ecosystem. This includes two pro bono partners that are start-up companies selected to learn under the mentorship of fellow Host in Ireland companies. The complete list of new partners is:

“Host in Ireland represents the best of the data centre industry. Our partners are a go-to list of companies that organisations around the world look to work with on their data centre projects. Irish companies have developed a stellar reputation in the global market and are growing their businesses accordingly. With the continued growth in global digitalisation, it’s an exciting time for our partners and I am thrilled to welcome the newest partners to our community,” said Garry Connolly, founder, Host in Ireland.



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About Host in Ireland

Host in Ireland is an award-winning strategic global initiative created to increase awareness of the benefits of hosting digital assets in Ireland as well as Irish companies that are designing, building, and operating data centres globally.

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