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George Kamiya & Garry Connolly Answer Your Questions

At our recent webinar we were inundated with lots of great questions but due to time constraints, were unable to get to them all on the day. So Garry Connolly (Founder & President, Host In Ireland) and George Kamiya (Emerging Technologies Analyst, International Energy Agency) sat down earlier this week to answer some more of your questions.

Question 1: "While many people aren't in commercial buildings - most of those buildings are still consuming energy just to maintain their systems - are there estimates yet on how much energy will change when we permanently shutter some of them?"

Question 2: "With most companies having a strategy to become net zero in the next decade, what do you think the impact will be on the energy consumption by data centers?"

Question 3: "While the percentage of power consumption for data centres has remained "flat" at 1%, what is the percent change with energy types?"

Question 4: "South Dublin County Council are very much involved in the Amazon DC waste heat district heating system.  Are Fingal County Council doing anything similar?"

Question 5: "Renewable energy grids need electrical reserves to balance the grid. Data Centres have extremely large electrical capacity that can provide these reserves to the grid. What role should data centre's play in these services in order to green the grid?"





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