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DC's For Bees - October 25th Launch day 2019 - Highlights!

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

On the rainiest day of the week, 100 brave data industry members from 20 different companies hiked a hill in Laragh, Co Wicklow to launch our DC's for Bees initiative.

30% of bee species in Ireland are facing extinction by 2050.

70% of our food sources are dependent on bee pollination.

As an industry, as individuals, we wanted to do something to make a difference.

Indigenous native woodland is the most biodiverse environment we can create. Not only will it help to provide safe shelter and food for bees, it also helps to support the other 11,400 species of insects in Ireland.

In fact, this site is home to the wall butterfly which is depleting at an alarming rate. Our woodland of 2,000 Birch, Oak and Rowan saplings were planted across multiple copses, which provides maximum surface area for the butterflies to live.

Each of the trees planted was grown from native seeds, on the freshly turned land, which in years to come will grow and develop into a wonderful bio-diverse and sustainable forest. Even a yellow status rain warning couldn't stop everyone and we battled the elements and achieved the overall goal!

Working on this project with the Native Woodland Trust allowed us to bring this whole vision to life. Trust chairman, Jim Lawlor noted that within 2 years the trees planted last Friday will be in excess of 6 foot tall and a fabulous place for anyone to visit not to mention the powerful environmental impact planting a forest of this size will have. It's a starting point for us here at Host In Ireland to lead on to our long term plan to unite an entire industry in Ireland in a common goal to reverse the worrying trend in the decline of the bee species.

Watch the video below highlighting the day, and view the gallery for a little insight into how much was achieved, and how much fun was had!

To find out more about this incredible initiative see below:



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