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Cross Pollination – People, business & biodiversity working together to save our pollinators

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

In April, to coincide with the launch of our industry first DCs for Bees Data Centre Pollinator Plan, we brought together an expert panel to look at, and provide solutions for, ‘Cross Pollination – How People, Business and Biodiversity can work together’.

Joining our host Michelle Wallace, was Dr. Úna Fitzpatrick, co-founder and project manager of the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan who stressed the importance of awareness and advocacy when it comes to biodiversity in Ireland.

Una invited everyone to play their part in protecting Ireland’s biodiversity by pledging their own gardens for pollinators and choosing to make them a healthy pitstop for pollinators in the landscape.

"Many of our native pollinators, especially bees, are under severe threat and we all have a role to play in helping prevent their extinction"

The Pollinator Plan in Action

Host in Ireland partner and DCs for Bees Ambassador Rebecca Wall-Morris (Regional Marketing Director, Cyrus One) shared some of their inspiring pollinator plans at their new site at Grangecastle in Dublin.

Cyrus One have really engaged with local biodiversity and have incorporated into their site: pollinator friendly wetlands; a native wildflower meadow; green berms with native woodland; topped off with, what will be, a stunning climbing green wall. Together with Kevin Fitzpatrick (Landscape Architect with KFLA and Landscape Design Tutor in UCD), their plans for the site demonstrate how companies and industries can very simply incorporate biodiversity into their immediate vicinities.

You can download Rebecca’s presentation slides below.

CyrusOne_Webinar Slides
Download PDF • 3.14MB

Getting the Best of a Beautiful Garden

Leading Irish garden designer, Monica Alvarez, provided some fantastic hands-on tips that each of us can use at home. Monica shared before & after garden design clips, which brought to life the small, simple steps that each of us can take to increase biodiversity in our own gardens.

You can check out more of Monica's inspiring pollinator-friendly garden designs here.


As you can see it was an amazing, information packed session. If you would like to catch up on more of what was discussed, you can watch the replay HERE.

More about the DCs for Bees Pollinator Plan

The DCs for Bees Pollinator Plan, backed by the National Biodiversity Data Centre, is a shared plan of action by Host In Ireland, its 40 partners from the data centre industry and the wider ICT community.

The plan focuses on actions that any business in the data industry can take, from the smallest supplier to the largest data landowners. It includes a toolkit of 42 pollinator-friendly actions to benefit Ireland’s biodiversity.

If your company would like to become a supporter of the DCs for Bees Pollinator Plan, and help make a lasting difference to our biodiversity, you can download the SUPPORTER FORM here.

In closing the webinar, Host in Ireland President and Founder, Garry Connolly urged,

"The time for action is now"


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