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Graduate Mechanical Engineer



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The role of the Graduate Project Engineer is to perform the tasks relating to the technical aspects of projects that have been agreed with the Project Manager at the outset. The Graduate Project Engineer will provide on an ongoing basis, technical assistance to the site team and ensure the installation is completed in compliance with the intended design, drawings and specifications.

On smaller projects one engineer will be responsible for all the tasks below while on larger projects the tasks below may be assigned to multiple engineers with specific experience in the following areas:
1.      Project Engineer (PE)
2.      Turnover Engineer(TE)
3.      Commissioning Engineer (CE)


·        Read and understand EHS Plan.(PE)

·        Produce RFQ’s packs for materials and equipment and forward to Capex Buyer. (PE)
·        Evaluate RFQ return’s for compliance and report to PM and Capex Buyer. (PE)
·        Develop and update procurement schedule/tracker. (PE)
·        Mark-up Equipment Quotes to advise PM of the correct scope that aligns with the Technical submittal(PE)

·        Develop the ITP (TE)
·        Review, comment and understand Quality Plan, the ITP. (TE)
·        Develop a CTQ matrix for the project. (TE)
·        Develop and agree testing protocol’s for FAT’s and SAT’s(CE)
·        Develop system list and tracker. (TE)
·        Co-ordinate the definition of system boundaries. (TE)
·        Develop and agree Test Pack List and Contents with relevant authorities. (TE)
·        Create Test packs with the assistance of the Document Controller. (TE)
·        Develop and update Tracking matrix for Test packs and walk-downs. (TE) (CE)
·        Receipt verification (RV) of equipment and materials arriving on site. (PE)
·        Attend, supervise and record FAT’s as dictated in the ITP.
·        Co-ordinate and record the execution of SAT’s as dictated in the ITP. (TE)(CE)
·        Witness agreed percentage of on-site testing. (TE)
·        Carry out Internal pre-test walk using schematics and P&ID’s to ensure each system is in technical compliance with the approved design and record results. (TE)
·        Track Closure of snags and advise PM on progress. (TE)
·        Ensure Test Packs are complete and ready for Third Party inspection and Walk-down. (TE)
·        Lead Third Party walk-downs as dictated in the ITP and commissioning plan. (TE) (CE)
·        Population of test packs, checking for accuracy, completeness and tracking of same. (TE)
·        Develop BCAR, LEED and BREEAM Plan in line with the ITP and organise the associated inspections. (PE) (TE)
·        Compile BCAR, LEED and BREEAM certificates as required and include in the Pack. (PE) (TE)
·        Ensure O&Ms are produced in line with the specification and agreed program. (PE)

·        Review and understand how a project schedule is constructed and labour loaded. (PE)
·        Understand how the commissioning schedule is integrated into overall schedule. (CE)
·        Update commissioning tracker. (CE)

·        Complete technical review of complete project and record notes. (PE)
·        Develop Equipment schedule’s and assign the appropriate Tag references. (PE)
·        Develop and track design responsibility matrix for approval by the PM. (PE)
·        Develop Design Deviation Log to ensure the team are aware of the agreed deviations from design. (PE)
·        Validate the design using the RFI process and performing the appropriate high level technical calculations. (PE)
·        Identify and evaluate value engineering or cost saving opportunities from a technical perspective. (PE)
·        Develop schematic’s when gaps exist in the design (ie for Fire smoke damper systems or leak detection systems) (PE)
·        Review and understand The BIM executing plan, the commissioning Plan and the Tracking Plan for the project. (PE)
·        Review the BIM model and co-ordinated drawings to ensure it is compliance with the P&ID’s and schematics and that there is sufficient access to plant and equipment for commissioning, maintenance and replacement. (PE)
·        Red line P&ID’s and schematics with any changes from the design intent. (PE)
·        Development and track production of Technical Submittals. (PE)
·        Manage change from a technical perspective, updating logs and schedules as required. (PE)
·        Clarify technical queries with the design team through the request for information (RFI) system. (PE)
·        Tag Devices and instrumentation and spot each device on site in consultation with controls vendor and designer. (PE)
·        Attend technical and commissioning meetings with members of the design team, contractors, and in-house project team. (PE) (CE)
·        Verify pipe sizing, cable sizing, duct sizing when required. (PE)
·        Assist with development of commissioning Plan and implementation of same. (CE)
·        Manage equipment vendors and specialist commissioning contactors when on site. (CE)
·        Manage and track commissioning activities in line with agreed plan. (CE)
·        Track the close out of commissioning snags in conjunction with the PM and supervisors. (CE)
·        Witness and verify commissioning activities and ensure certification is fully complete and aligned with the specification. (CE)
·        Manage the production of the O&M manuals in compliance with the specification. (PE)
·        Develop plan and undertake client training as required. (CE)

·        Ensure weekly reports and trackers are developed and issued as agreed with the PM(PE) (TE) (CE)

·        Highlight any risks that arise to the PM/ or populate Risk Log. (PE) (TE) (CE)


·        Attend CPD workshops and events. (PE) (TE) (CE)

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