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Resiliency During a Pandemic: Data,

Renewable Energy and Job Creation

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Bucking the Trend: Job Creation During a Pandemic

In this webinar, we will examine the myth that data centres don’t create many jobs. Ireland is now home to the largest cluster of data centres in Europe. What does that mean for Irish jobs?

With Hannah Ormandroyd and Adie McGennis, moderated by Michelle Wallace, we will look at the job outlook for the data ecosystem in Ireland. What is the true impact of the industry on jobs as well as:


What are the key skills required and transferable skills?

How are companies supposed to attract and find the right talent?

What are candidates looking for?

What has changed since the pandemic - for employers and employees?

How can you attract and retain the best talent when competing against the biggest names in the world

What are the economic and jobs multiplier of this industry in Ireland?

Hannah Ormondroyd

Head of People, Data Centre Solutions


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Adie McGennis


Sigmar Recruitment

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Michelle Wallace

Head of Operations

Host In Ireland 

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