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Resiliency During a Pandemic: Data, Renewable Energy and Job Creation

2020 has been a year of change. We've locked down, opened up, physically distanced and zoomed our way through it. While we've fundamentally changed how we work, technology has been adopted at rates previously unimagined and data processing and storage has exploded.


On September 8th, we brought together industry leaders in digitisation, data, energy & talent over two webinars to discuss how the data centre and the ecosystem of products and services it creates has been affected by these changes.


We discussed:

Why data centres exist and the real affect on our lives and economy?

What it means for the future, in terms of jobs, energy and the wider industry.

How has the data and hosting industry fared through the pandemic?

In an industry mythicised as having low employment, what is the job outlook for the industry?


There were two webinars and you can view the replays instantly by registering below.


1) Green Data Factories and New Economic Opportunities 

2) Bucking the Trend: Job Creation During a Pandemic 

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