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Ensuring the continuity of today’s and tomorrow’s vital applications. Nearly all aspects of our lives involve the use of technology. It is how we work and play and do anything in between. This connectivity or use of data is built into the very fabric of our society. It is vital to human progress. Vertiv believes there is a better way to meet this accelerating demand for data — one driven by passion and innovation.

What Does It Mean to Be Part of Vertiv?

We are a flat organization. New employees are part of the team from day one, working with, learning from and teaching peers at all levels. Each employee’s annual professional development goals (even the CEO’s) for are visible to all, so everyone can see the company’s path forward. The casual dress at all levels reflects the roll-up-your-sleeves culture.

Engineering Jobs | Vertiv Careers

Vertiv brings together hardware, software, analytics and ongoing services to ensure a customer’s digital infrastructure and vital applications run continuously, perform optimally, and scale with business needs.

Engineering is at the heart of our business and the foundation of our industry leadership. From visionary expertise to immersive collaboration to relentless agility, our people are the Architects of Continuity™ that keep our customers’ business running without interruption.

Vertiv is heating up our global hiring efforts as we look for engineers, program/project managers and other visionary talent to support our investment in research and development and product innovation to establish long term industry leadership.

Learn more about being part of Vertiv’s engineering teams globally what we mean when we say we are Architects of Continuity.


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