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Shining a Light on Community Spirit

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Host in Ireland partners come together to support communities impacted by COVID-19

If there can be a silver lining during a pandemic, the emergence of a robust community spirit is one of them. Communities are coming together to support each other in extraordinary ways. The data centre industry in Ireland is no different.

Sunrise over Dublin Bay - Photo courtesy of Tommy Fitzpatrick (CBRE)

Host In Ireland is pleased to announce the launch of a COVID-19 Resource page, COVID-19 Sunrise, to highlight the activities our partners are doing at a national and international level to support global communities during the COVID-19 pandemic. These include:

  • Education & Skills Development - In this time of economic uncertainty, professional development is an excellent way to keep industry knowledge fresh and skill sets marketable. Partners are offering a variety of courses to take, access to presentations and webinars, and guidance for reopening the world’s workplaces.

  • Financial Support - Highlights the financial contributions partner companies have made in their local communities to help mitigate the impact of the pandemic.

  • PPE & Frontline Support - With a growing shortage of personal protective equipment, medical devices, hand sanitizer and more needed to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, Host in Ireland partners are donating masks, creating face shields, and donating free services to 3D printing facilities to help address the problem both here in Ireland and abroad.

  • Social and Mental Health - Ensuring employees mental health is just as strong as their physical health, many partners are launching activities to boost morale and provide a wellness outlet during these challenging times.

  • Job Announcements - As an industry on the digital frontline, job opportunities within the industry are emerging as companies look to address the growing demand for data services.

With the launch of the sub-initiative, Host in Ireland president and founder, Garry Connolly, commented, “While many of us individually are pitching in to help protect the most vulnerable in our communities, our partners are providing valuable resources to help combat this pandemic on a variety of levels. Data centres are already playing a significant role in keeping the economy moving and now the industry is coming together and doing its bit in a whole different way.”

Data centers are a key piece of the jigsaw enabling us to live our lives in these disrupted times. While these essential workers are behind the scenes making sure our video conferencing, online learning and critical infrastructure are running smoothly, the community recognises there is a larger role to play. After all, we are all #InThisTogether.

#StaySafe #StayHome #FlattenTheCurve




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