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Q2 2018 Irish Market Update Report

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

The Q2 2018 Report is available to download HERE

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It has been an eventful three months for the data centre industry in Ireland with the main focus of attention landing squarely at Apple’s decision not to progress with its €850m data centre investment in Athenry.

There was much cause for concern that the impact of the decision would greatly temper Ireland Inc’s ability to attract continued investment in data centres but our 2018 Quarter 2 report shows momentum continues to grow.

From April to June of this year over €1 billion of new data centre investments were announced from CyrusOne, Crag Digital, Equinix and others. This brings the total investment expected from the construction of data centres up until 2021 in Ireland to €9.3 billion. There were also a combined total of 1,400 new jobs announced from Amazon and Google over the next three years linked to their data operations in Ireland.

The additional investment announcements come on the heels of a report by Grant Thornton on behalf of the IDA published in May examining the economic benefits of data centre investment in Ireland. The report found that data centres in Ireland employed 5,700 people in full time roles between construction and operational roles and generated €1.6 billion direct and €2.6 billion in indirect economic benefits to Ireland since 2010 including the engagement of 1,000 suppliers, 90% of which benefit Irish companies.

This quarter also seen the Government’s statement on ‘The Role Of Data Centres In Ireland’s Enterprise Strategy’. We welcome the Government’s recognition of the importance and strategic significance of the data centre industry in Ireland and its Ireland’s Data Hosting Industry 2018 Q2 Update recognition of the challenges facing the industry in areas such as renewable energy, infrastructure and planning.

Ireland’s contribution to the global data centre industry continues to grow also with demand increasing for Irish companies, skills and expertise to lead projects across the US, Europe and Asia cementing our position as a global industry player.

We are also seeing potential for the use of data centres to augment any future district heating systems here in Ireland. While the heat off the data centres is low grade it is consistent with how centres can add value to already established and functioning district heating systems which have been seen across the US and Europe and could make a tangible impact here in Ireland too. This report is a Host in Ireland report with technical input and qualification from Bitpower to examine the opportunities and risks associated with the digital asset hosting industry in Ireland.

By providing the most timely and accurate update on data centre activity in the Irish market, we believe that this baseline will act as a useful reference for policymakers. This will be beneficial to Ireland as we look to continue our leadership in the creation, retention and exporting of digital products for the long term.

Garry Connolly




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