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Pro-Bono Partnership with Host In Ireland

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Looking for the Next Generation of Brave, Creative & Relentless Partners

Host in Ireland’s journey began with five data hosting companies who shared a vision of “co-opetition”. This small group set aside competitive differences and came together to share the story of why Ireland makes good business sense for international companies hosting their digital assets in Europe.

Over the years, the 5 companies grew to 10, then 20, and this year saw our biggest year ever with 30 partners from across the data centre ecosystem in Ireland. Now, it's time for Host in Ireland and our partners to give back.

As we look to expand our membership in 2021, we are pleased to announce the addition of two new pro-bono partnerships. These free partnerships will help two up and coming businesses make their mark with mentorships and access to key leaders in the industry as well as the opportunity to network and provide input into the future direction of data hosting in Ireland. The partnerships will be granted to Irish owned and based start-ups/scale-ups with products and services targeting the data centre sector. The selected companies will benefit from exposure and amplification on Host in Ireland’s platform and will be granted full partner status including participating in our 2021 councils to help raise Ireland’s profile as a centre of data excellence.

Host in Ireland will accept applications from companies nominated by our partners or direct applications. A team of mentors will select a short list of candidates who will then be interviewed by the selection committee. We will announce the winners of these two new partnerships in January 2021.

We know this year has presented many challenges as a society, but we have also seen opportunities created as data centres have been recognised as a part of our critical infrastructure. Now more than ever is the time for us to continue to come together and support each other. Our partners reflect the growing size and diversity of the Irish data centre cluster with years of collective experience amongst the members. What a perfect opportunity for a new start-up to learn from and network with some of the best in the industry.

This spirit of “co-opetition” is at the heart of Host in Ireland and is what makes us unique.

Each partner company is an integral part of the data centre ecosystem, working across various sectors designing, building and operating data centres globally from Ireland. With a 96% retention rate, their commitment to our mission is unparalleled. We look forward to welcoming the newest partners in 2021.

Garry Connolly

Founder & President - Host In Ireland



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