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PR: Cornwall Insight appoints Emeka Chukwureh as Head of Energy Market Development

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

Cornwall Insight, an energy consultancy, research, and analytics company, is pleased to announce the appointment of Emeka Chukwureh as Head of Energy Market Development to its Irish team. With responsibility for research and market development strategy in Cornwall Insight's Irish business, Emeka will play a key role in supporting its growth in Ireland.

Emeka has almost 20 years’ experience in the energy industry, 15 of those in the Irish energy market, involving design, implementation, and development of the Single Electricity Market (SEM) rules. Over that period Emeka has been an active industry participant chairing various working groups of the SEM Modifications Committee, the Markets Committee of the Electricity Association of Ireland (EAI), and the Demand Response Association of Ireland (DRAI).

Emeka's appointment follows the Cornwall Insight Irish team's recent bolstering with two new Senior Consultants Ratnottama Sengupta and Niall Durham, both with deep and diverse experience in their respective backgrounds, across policy and regulatory and flexible asset development, respectively.

Commenting on the appointments, Peter Connolly Managing Director at Cornwall Insight said, "I am delighted that Emeka will be joining us as Head of Energy Market Development. Emeka's experience and in-depth knowledge of the energy sector will be key in driving forward our ambitions in Ireland. He will join an already impressive team of market experts currently delivering best in class, independent research and advisory support to our customers."

Emeka Chukwureh, added, "I am excited to have been appointed Head of Energy Market Development. I have joined at an exciting time as the energy sector increasingly transitions to a low-carbon future. I look forward to being a part of the team offering independent expert advice to clients to help them navigate along their low-carbon journey."

Brief Biography – Emeka Chukwureh

Emeka’s energy career started at ExxonMobil, where he was instrumental in the roll-out of new petroleum exploration tools to the geosciences team. In Ireland, he commenced his renewable energy journey in the area of energy analysis and trading at Airtricity/SSE. During his time at Airticity/SSE, he played a key part in designing, implementing, and developing the SEM market rules to enable better wind energy integration. At Enel X, he had hands-on, active management of the Capacity Market's largest DSU portfolio and the first DS3 System Services from demand-side portfolio.

Most recently, at VIOTAS, he helped implement the international expansion plan for the company into the Australian electricity market, focusing on the frequency market (FCAS).

In addition, Emeka has played various key industry roles as a member and chair of various working groups of the SEM Modifications Committee, member of the Ireland Grid Code, chair of the Markets Committee of the Electricity Association of Ireland (EAI), national representative to EURLECTRIC Markets Committee, and chair of Demand Response Association of Ireland (DRAI).


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