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Host in Ireland Launches Radio Ad to Attract Talent to the Data Centre Industry

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

Host in Ireland Radio Ad campaign aimed at attracting and recruiting talent to the data centre industry is now live

The Uptime Institute has said that over the next few years there is going to be a significant shortage of talent in the global data centre industry. As Ireland is a key data centre market, besides other activities, Host in Ireland are focusing their attention on the creation, attraction and retention of talent in the Irish data centre industry.

We are delighted to be announcing our first time ever radio campaign kicking off in September and running into October 2021. To take a sneak peek listen to the radio add below.

The ad will be running nationwide on Newstalk (106-108FM) and on local station Spin (103.8FM) from Monday for a 2 week period. In addition, the ad will run simultaneously on digital audio for those listening on mobiles or smart speakers via live radio streams, listen back, podcasts and music streams.

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