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Ethos Engineering: Culture: Becoming the Company People Want to Work For

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

Report Highlights: On Thursday, 21 October, Host in Ireland released a Special Edition Talent Report titled “Untapped Potential - The Data Centre Career Opportunity”. Today we are putting a spotlight on the commentary by Greg Hayden from Ethos Engineering.

More than any other time in recent memory we are experiencing an unprecedented pace of technological change. Nowhere has this had a greater impact than in the data centre. Designing smart, flexible, and energy-efficient facilities is requiring a flawless mix of expertise, experience, and creativity than ever before. It’s not just about recruiting the right talent for these times, but building a culture that drives innovation.

Delivering a digital transformation agenda requires a lot of time, effort and energy. Building a collaborative, engaging and problem-solving workplace where it is easy to achieve a work / life balance is critical for every employee, regardless of what stage of their career they are at. It’s about building a people centric environment, understanding their needs and providing career development from day one.

There are three criteria we believe are essential in making this happen.

Create genuine opportunities for your employees. It doesn’t matter at what career stage the employee is - an intern, a graduate or a seasoned engineer - everyone wants hands on experience and exposure to all levels of the organisation. One of the ways we do that at Ethos is by providing forums where people can openly offer suggestions and ask questions. There is always a chance to share thoughts, bring issues to the forefront or collaborate on workarounds. As a result, employees across Ethos feel a sense of ownership for the work we do for our clients.

Invest in inclusivity. Building an inclusive workplace means everyone not only knows they have a voice, but are empowered to use it. Actively recruiting for a diverse range of backgrounds, education and work experiences means we are bringing different voices to the table who help us see the world and industry we serve through a broader lens. These viewpoints make Ethos a richer environment to be in and adds more value for our clients.

Build a framework to help employees reach their potential. Employees want to enjoy what they do in their work; believe they are adding value; and feel they are achieving something more in their fields. To support this at Ethos we have modernised our employee assessments and moved to a competency-based model and talent review process. Each type of role is focused on different types of competencies so that employees can develop specialised and conceptual skills and embrace the career paths available to them.

By applying these principles, we have been able to announce the creation of 150 new jobs in Ireland in the next four years, more than doubling our employee base. This is a key element of Going for Growth, our national and international EMEA expansion programme that includes doubling revenues to €30 million by 2025. Recruitment has already commenced for staff to support a new pipeline of work in Ireland, Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Poland and Kenya.

It is an exciting time for our company and the industry. As big as the goals may be, the Irish cando attitude will ensure those goals are achieved. It’s no coincidence that foreign direct investment comes to Ireland first. We have built a wealth of experience that can be carried across Europe, Middle East and Africa. We look forward to where the next five years will take us.


To watch the Report Launch Webinar replay click here



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