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Edge Automation and Equinix: Global Factory Integration

Updated: Jul 8, 2022


Edge Automation: After an initial partnership approach by Equinix in July 2020, Edge Automation and Equinix proudly announced a joint solution.

Edge Automation partnered with Host In Ireland in January 2021 under a pro bono partnership award. Stephen Soraghan, MD for Edge Automation said " This was 6 months in development through various workshops after a partner onboarding process and I have to say they are one of the best / most proactive groups of people / companies that we have engaged with so far. In addition to this launch we have invested in additional marketing support and initiatives. I want to again thank you, Host In Ireland for your support since we were awarded the pro-bono partnership."


Joint Solution Brief - Read More Here

Together, Edge Automation and Equinix enable manufacturers to be in all the right places. You can deploy local, on-premise infrastructure at the edge and leverage Platform Equinix® for seamless, simple, globally-connected architectures. You can optimize performance through proven, right-size processes and a distributed network architecture that enables simple and repeatable deployments. And you can maximize uptime with the most resilient platform in the market featuring >99.9999% uptime and 5-layer physical security. Our international experience and local presence means that we understand the local codes, practices and compliance-specific issues facing manufacturers.


Achieving compliance: To comply with industry-specific regulations and understand the associated risks, you need to know how and where you can deploy critical infrastructure.

Maintaining performance: Maintaining optimal production performance, while servicing IT/OT converged infrastructure and platforms, demands low latency compute and connectivity to guarantee uptime and information speed.

Ensuring business continuity: Meeting new global challenges and seizing opportunities relies on having a solid yet agile digital environment that supports production reliability and maximized uptime.

Operating in multiple countries: Ensuring efficient and agile operations in multiple geographies demands a solid understanding of local standards, legal compliance, and data and government regulations.


Be in all the right places: We enable you to deploy low latency infrastructure at the edge, and gain the advantages of a high-speed, distributed network by leveraging Platform Equinix.

Optimize performance: Optimize performance and right-size IT processes with strategic data analysis and continuous improvement. Develop flexible, distributed IT architectures with zero impact on uptime.

Maximize uptime: Maximize uptime with concurrently maintainable local edge infrastructure, combined with the most resilient and highest available platform in the world.

Simplify and repeat deployments: With international experience and global teams, we understand the value of tried-and-trusted worldwide deployments that align to specific local codes, practices and compliance.


Local edge solutions: Edge Automation delivers a full, end-to-end managed service. Dedicated to supporting your global manufacturing integration, we provide a secure, local data repository with best-in-class distributed, industrialized edge applications as a service. You get to maintain control of, and drive innovation from, your data.

Manufacturing expertise: In today’s advanced manufacturing environment, the volume of data being generated can be vast. Our specific, advanced manufacturing skills and tools focus on where you need to measure, enabling all stakeholders to leverage real value and actionable intelligence from your data.

Data center and storage services: Equinix International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data centers serve as regional interconnection hubs and storage that enable manufacturers to securely exchange data with suppliers, distributors and customers in real time. You gain by reducing the costs and risks of transferring data over large physical distances.

Platform Equinix: Equinix’s network of 220+ IBX data centers across five continents offers the highest levels of security, availability and environmental performance, supporting geographically dispersed manufacturing operations and extended supply chains. With Equinix Edge Services, you can accelerate your digital transformation.


About Equinix Equinix is the world’s digital infrastructure company. Digital leaders harness our trusted platform to bring together and interconnect the foundational infrastructure that powers their success. We enable our customers to access all the right places, partners and possibilities they need to accelerate advantage. With Equinix, they can scale with agility, speed the launch of digital services, deliver world-class experiences and multiply their value.

About Edge Automation Edge Automation provides local edge, low latency compute, storage and network connectivity as a service for the advanced manufacturing industry. We also provide specialist tools and best-in-class equipment for data centre design and optimization.

Stephen Soraghan

Managing Director

Edge Automation Ltd.

t: +353 49 4355 910

m: +353 87 719 0843






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