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Q3 2018 Irish Market Update Report

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

The Q3 2018 Report is available to download HERE

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Our Q3 update report for 2018 highlights the continued growth of the data centre industry in Ireland.

Green energy remains a priority for the industry and we have been encouraged over the previous quarter by the proactive approach stakeholders in the renewable energy sector have taken to ensure Ireland can continue to deliver on its renewable energy commitments.

In response to a recent report by Baringa, Host In Ireland was proud to join seven other renewable focused organisations in calling for the Minister for Communications, Climate Change and Environment to target 70% renewable energy for Ireland by 2030. Host In Ireland note the report in stating it would be possible for 70% of the industries energy to be supplied by renewable sources and we remain positive that this will be the case.

Just this quarter Facebook completed a new facility in Clonee employing 300 full-time workers. The site consists of two buildings, with one under construction and a further two undergoing planning permission. The facility is fully powered by renewable energy with Facebook now actively considering investing directly into renewable power to ensure all of its facilities are self-sustainable.

In addition, companies such as Google, Microsoft and Amazon have committed and, in some cases, already achieved securing 100% in renewable energy sources for their data centres in Ireland. We recognise the strategic need for Ireland to continue on the path of renewable energy as a key driver of growth for the hosting industry in Ireland and we will continue to support policy and initiatives that boost Ireland's renewable capacity.

A positive Q.3 outcome for the data centre industry globally was underscored with the publication of two recent reports by property investment bodies JLL and CBRE with Ireland continuing to see investment momentum increase substantially over the previous 12 months.

Dublin Metro, when compared to its European neighbours continues to see growth from both expansions of existing market players and new entrants at a time when competition has never been higher in the industry.

Part of this success is down to Ireland's cost competitiveness in the construction of data centres as highlighted by a recent report by Turner and Townsend, a global project management company. With Zurich ranking the highest cost to build data centres in EMEA, Dublin Metro ranks a comfortable 14th out of 32 cities in terms of build cost, more competitively placed than London, Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Frankfurt. The report also revealed that Dublin Metro ranks among the top 5 cities in Europe as a place to host digital assets.

In other developments, the potential to recoup waste heat from data centres and distribute it to local homes and business is now being tested in Ireland through a pilot scheme run by South Dublin County Council. The first district heating tender in South Dublin will allow low grade waste heat from a local data centre to be reused for the first-time in Ireland. In taking waste and converting it to energy, this will ensure data centres contribute to the new circular economy model.

We recognise that the greenest energy is energy that is not used, as part of our Q3 update report we have taken the opportunity to highlight the continuing efficiency being delivered by the modern data centre including those in Ireland.

This Q3 report update is a Host in Ireland report with technical input and qualification from Bitpowerii to examine the opportunities and risks associated with the digital asset hosting industry in Ireland.

By providing the most timely and accurate update on data centre activity in the Irish market, we believe that this baseline will act as a useful reference for policymakers. This will be beneficial to Ireland as we look to continue our leadership in the creation, retention and exporting of digital products for the long term.

Garry Connolly

President & Founder – Host In Ireland



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