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Onnec Ireland Limited, previously known as Kedington, is part of
the Onnec Group of Companies, providing cabling, networking
and connectivity services for the public and private sector across
the globe. With a loyal customer base of multinationals, with
relationships spanning 30+ years, our customers benefit from
decades of experience and industry-leading standards, deployed
at a local level. We are a leading Network Connectivity and
Solutions company, with highly experienced designers, project
managers and installers, all supported by world-class strategic

vendor relationships. We have successfully deployed state-of-the-
art fibre solutions in some of the world’s largest Data Centres.

For others, we are the Master Systems Integrator/ specialist
contractor for all the intelligent systems within their connected
spaces, to deliver enhanced user experiences, build resilience and
drive cost efficiencies.
Onnec’s end-to-end services give you the cabling and networking
infrastructure you can completely rely on and delivers certainty in
your connected space.
The connection is everything.


Digital Infrastructure Cohort

Services Provided

• ICT network cabling infrastructure systems • LAN, WAN, Wireless & network security solutions • Smart Building systems integration (MSI) • Integrated network component supplies

Council Members

Anord Mardix_Alan McCartney_New_edited.jpg

Matt Porter

Managing Director

Anord Mardix_Alan McCartney_New_edited.jpg

Dexter Harriss

Group Marketing Manager

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