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Data Centre Day Team Supervisor Mechanical




Job Type

Full Time

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The Mechanical Supervisor is required to manage the Mechanical Day Team, support  management of the Shift Teams and be the point of escalation for the onsite CBRE team on any  Mechanical items. The Mechanical Supervisor will have overall responsibility for all Mechanical engineering aspects including staff development, Mechanical processes & procedures for the  Data Centre. The Mechanical Supervisor will report to the Technical Manager but will work very  closely with all team disciplines on site.

Summarised below are the main tasks that we anticipate would fall within the remit of this position.


• Mechanical Supervision of the operation, maintenance and repair of all critical environment  systems while maintaining 100% uptime to all critical power systems.

• Develop a good working relationship with all members of CBRE staff and the Client  representatives - Be the main point of contact for the Clients mechanical requirements.

• Perform preventative, corrective and emergency maintenance on all Mechanical systems.

• Use CMMS to create work orders for tasks carried out on site, including recording hours &  comments on all scheduled PM’s via CMMS ensuring compliance is achieved at all times.

• Provide input and development of site mechanical and controls procedures including EOPs,  SOPs & MOPs. Develop site procedures while keeping all documentation consistent with  current client standards.

• Review all submitted vendor documentation (method statements & risk assessments) relating  to mechanical/controls systems prior to any works starting on site via the approved process.  Work flows are assigned by sub-contractor specialist for review/approval.

• Carry out QA on all vendor works completed on site relating to Mechanical systems.

• Review equipment failures and deliver detailed root cause analysis and post-mortem reports  to CBRE, Data Centre Management and global peers as required.

• Monitor & ensure all critical spares relating to the Mechanical & Data Center systems are in  place – ensuring quantities, critical components and stock is accurate to what is required.

• Be the point of contact for the shift team to support Mechanical or Data Center escalation as  per the site CBRE escalation procedure.

• Carry out full RCA’s for any technical issues on site providing detailed reports to local and  regional management

• Ensure Emergency classification & notifications are correct, accurate & up to date for  Mechanical systems.

• Drive site wide energy efficiency through Energy saving innovations, extra works & projects.  All energy saving works must be recorded & updated on the master energy register as part  of site process.

• Assist the Technical Manger to review all subcontractor maintenance contracts to ensure  vendor contractual works are technically aligned with site requirements. Attend sub contractor review meetings & input into the vendor scorecards.

• Provide site specific Mechanical systems training to the Mechanical team. Assist in the  development and training of technicians to ensure robust succession plans for the Data  Centre team.

• Keep the site syllabus & training curriculum up to date as the facility changes to ensure all  staff are aware of new equipment or changes on site.

• Develop Mechanical examination questions & perform scenario’s as part of the CBRE site  specific training program. Sign off on staff competencies for each level obtained, correcting  examinations & providing reports/feedback on all assessments.

• Reach out to and liaise with local and global peers to ensure compliance with client  standards and best practice.

• Report health and safety breaches through the ‘HAZARD’ process

• Ensure the professional image of CBRE is presented to clients and visitors at all times.

• Ensure the provision of a Safe and Healthy working environment. To include the wearing of  the CBRE uniform and appropriate PPE when required.

• Assist the technical manager in technical staff management, development, and appraisal  within the constraints of the contract and CBRE policies

• Assist technical manager on the recruitment of new staff by providing technical assessment  or all new candidates interviewing to join CBRE team on site.

Qualifications, Experience and Character:

• Good level of experience of integration products and protocol exchange software such as  Modbus, BACnet etc.

• Applicants must have a thorough understanding of the Controls theory related to HVAC  systems and have an understanding of advanced software structure associated with BMS  controls/PC Networks.

• An excellent understanding and experience of the mechanical and control systems used in a  Data Centre environment, including: Generators, Fuel Systems, Building Management  Systems and Controls, Air handling units, Variable Frequency Drives (VSDs), Fire Alarm  systems, and Fire Suppression systems (pre-action sprinklers).

• Strong and committed team player with excellent communication and coaching skills with the  ability to communicate intelligently and effectively with the client and with contractors who  perform maintenance or upgrade work on the Data Centre systems.

• Willingness to work outside of normal hours to resolve technical issues in a 24/7 industry

• Computer literate with the ability to compile and submit monthly and annual reports, and to  monitor and trend operational characteristics (load, capacity, environmental conditions etc.).

• Experience of complex automatic control equipment, including relay logic, programmable logic controllers (PLC’s), building management systems, and their integration with the Data  Centre infrastructure.

Person Specification

Education Have an Mechanical qualification to trade.

Excellent general education is essential, ideally to degree standard.

Training Have an understanding of what a Data Centre environment is, and the working  restrictions applicable to such environments. Must be able to demonstrate a  career showing continuous personal development with at least two years’

experience in production or critical environments

Aptitudes Excellent verbal, written and interpersonal communication skills., with the ability  to communicate intelligently and effectively with the client and with contractors.

Numerate and computer literate. High software skills – MS Office (Excel,

PowerPoint, Word).

Character Excellent motivational and influencing skills, with high levels of personal integrity. Capability to manage escalations which contain various degrees of ambiguity and

either resolve or properly escalate in a timely manner, where appropriate

Demeanour to manage customer expectations/escalations and shepherd

customer concerns in high-pressure scenarios

Committed to the delivery of excellent customer service.

Committed to the delivery of excellent customer service

Excellent organization and time management skills

A team player, able to work with CBRE and clients staff of all levels.

The ability to learn quickly and to gain maximum benefit from extensive training  and development programs aimed at ensuring that any identified knowledge or  experience deficiencies are addressed in the short term.

Able to contribute effectively within the team, be a team player being able to work  with CBRE and clients staff of all levels.

Self-motivated, ability to work on own initiative and able to make sound decisions  when needed.

Organised, able to effectively prioritise and deliver within a dynamic and high  pressure, business critical environments.

Calm manner with the ability to work under pressure able to work under pressure,  with changing, and often conflicting, priorities to meet deadlines

Experience The successful applicant needs to be experienced both in a technical capacity  and as a strong people manager familiar with the development and review of  teams, appraisals and the application of effective people management practice

Experience of managing escalation and emergency issues demonstrating good  communications with client, management, team members and vendors

Please note

All details are provided for guidance only, and do not necessarily limit the responsibilities and accountabilities of the  job.

Full details of employment terms and conditions are provided within Offers of Employment, The Employee Handbook  and appropriate policies within the Company.

This document does not constitute an Offer of Employment. Offers are only valid when provided in writing through  the Human Resources Dept.

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