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Untapped Potential: The Data Centre Career Opportunity

WEBINAR:  'Untapped Potential - The Data Centre Career Opportunity'


On Thursday, 21 October,  Host in Ireland’s hosted a live event, “Untapped Potential - The Data Centre Career Opportunity” webinar. 


The two biggest trends upon us as a society are digitalisation and decarbonisation. The place where they intersect and come to life is none other than the data centre. Data is at the heart of everything we do and shows no signs of slowing down.


By 2025, the Uptime Institute is predicting a net global staff growth of 300,000 data centre jobs.  How do companies harness the untapped potential offered by a career  creating the digital world we live in? Ensuring candidates understand these exciting roles and opportunities is quickly becoming one of the greatest challenges facing the industry here in Ireland, and for Irish companies abroad.


Our panelists gave insight on the data centre career opportunity, from employers attracting and developing talent to employees and graduates looking for new career paths.

Webinar Details and Speakers

'Untapped Potential - The Data Centre Career Opportunity'

Our host Joyce Wady moderated a panel of guests including Mark Flanagan, Kirby Engineering, Dermot Reidy, Enterprise Ireland and Theresa O'Brien, CBRE.

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Joyce Wady


Head of Communications

Host In Ireland 

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Fergus Barry


Head of Human Resources /

Associate Director at Kirby Group Engineering

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Copy of Enterprise Ireland Dermot Reidy_edited.jpg

Dermot Reidy


Strategic Advisor & Client Portfolio Manager - Construction Services - Enterprise Ireland

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Theresa O'Brien


Global Talent Acquisition Director - Global Local & Data Centre Solutions

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Data is at the centre of everything we do, from delivering critical services to the frontline, to helping people work from almost anywhere. 
All of this is made possible because of the data centre sector, one of the world’s fastest growing industries. 

At Host in Ireland, our partners have a wide range of jobs available in the data centre industry from engineers to project managers, electricians to technicians.  




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